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Fertilizer bag.

Handful of Fert'Îles.

Here's Fert'Îles !

A wonderful all-in-one fertilizer that nourishes the soil while building a spectacular plant growth. That organic fertilizer is granulated for slow dissolution.

Our Fert'Îles fertilizer is very efficent for trees, gardens, grass and much more. Your chemical products won't be needed anymore ! A natural, respectful fertilizer that will treat your land well. It is odorless and without pathogenic agents, weed or any chemical products.

Furthermore, Fert'Îles is very easy to use ! Just gently lay it down manually or with a spreader.

  1. In early stages, in spring, add Fert'Îles on your soil.
  2. In mid-season, gently spread Fert'Îles around the plants.
  3. At the end of the season, in fall, gently spread Fert'Îles on your soil or before the reversal.

It is so easy to use that even a child can help you in your projects. It's a very healthy way to initiate them ! More so, Fert'Îles is totally danger-free for animals. It is a 100% pur and natural fertilizer.

You can buy Fert'Îles in bags of 1.5kg, 10kg, directly at the farm or in multiple businesses on the Magdalen Islands. We also take orders and are engaged in the delivering process. Our product can indeed be exported on demand and shipped to your adress in any quantity you deem fit.

Safe for animals.

Spectacular growth.

Bag of Fert'Îles.